Beached Kittens


Sa 11 April 2015

Line-up /
Sid Le Rock (live) (My Favorite Robot, Areal, Beachcoma)
Yapacc (live) (Perlon, Pfand)
Metope (Areal, Beachcoma)
Hali (Netmusique, Pfand)
Max Dahlhaus (Beachcoma, Kodx)
Souki (live) (Pfand, Adjunct)
Kntrl (Beachcoma)
Sebastian Klenk (60HZ, Klenkyourbody)

Beachcoma joins Box of Kittens for this Two Room stomper at our favourite local Berliner hangout, Griessmühle. Featuring a stacked lineup of top-shelf House and Techno producers, DJs, and artists at this all-night event. This event will go well into the morning and into the next afternoon. We can’t wait!

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