Box of Kittens am Berghain Kantine


Sa 8. Dezember 2012

Line-up /
Yapacc (live pa)
(Narcotic Syntax/Perlon/DE)

Jamie Kidd
(Metalogic/Perc Trax/CA)


Fabio Palermo
(Rawthentic Music/CA)


Katsuhiko (live pa)
(You Records/JP)

(Raw Trax/UY)
The perfect Berghain predrink?

Known for throwing quality underground events in fresh spaces, Box of Kittens continues their unique brand of happenings in the Kantine, right next to Berghain, running from 11pm until morning. Expect more of an intimate bumpin’ loft party than a club night. The space hosts a premier soundsystem and an international lineup of seasoned techno talent including Perlon’s Yapacc and Rene.BDZ from the Beatdezernat crew. This event also features three core BOK residents – Jamie Kidd coming in from Poland, Fabio Palermo coming directly from Toronto, and host and resident DJ Hali. Rounding out the evening is a live PA by Japan’s Katsuhiko and the talented and beautiful DJ Ema straight from Uruguay. Wicked!

We only do a few of these parties a year, so we hope you can join us for the next exciting instalment of Box of Kittens!

Thank you to the over 300 people that showed up to our last event. Our apologies to everyone in line that couldn’t get in. There was simply no more room inside. We didn’t expect so much love from Berlin. Unfortunately, we ran out of member pins halfway throughout the night of our last party. If you attended but did not receive a PIN, please message us and we will have your name on the member’s list at the door and issue you your pin.

Located in the Kantine building by the Berghain beer garden, just 50 meters to the left of the main entrance. Zugang ├╝ber Wriezener Bahnhof / Access via Wriezener station. Come join us all night, and then stumble over to Berghain in the morning. Yeah.

Friendly door policy. This event is open to all and membership is not required. However, you will receive a membership pin with admission for our future events. Bis bald!

Kantine am Berghain
70 Am Wriezener Bahnhof; Friedrichshain; 10243 Berlin