Box of Kittens and alienInFlux with Seth Troxler

World-famous Techno personality Seth Troxler’s debut performance in Toronto as he ¬†joined us at Box of Kittens and played, what felt like, a neverending DJ set of stripped down Detroit and Berlin inspired stompers. And for those that know, the gong show that follows Seth around at gigs is as legendary as the man himself. It was a super fun night.

Saturday December 8, 2008

Fresh three room west end location + two custom sound systems + Seth Troxler + Komoto Live + our local heroes = incredible party with tons of boom, boom, bleep, bloop all night long.


SETH TROXLER (Wagon Repair, Crosstown Rebels, Spectral Sound – Detroit/Berlin)
Recently featured on Matthew Dear’s Body Language mix for Get Physical, his DJ sets reflect a musician’s interest in dance music ranging from eclectic house & rare groove to minimal funk & percussive techno.

KOMODO – LIVE (Montreal)
Beats and base, fast dub didgeridoo, turkish flute, dubstep & other heavy grooves, ancient memories, modern tools.

HALI (Box of Kittens)
Hali spins Raw and Deep Minimal Techno and Techhouse, while drawing from his House music ethos from running, the now defunct, Poundhouse. He appears regularly at the city’s top underground techno events and has performed around the globe including North America, Europe, and Asia. In his spare time, he runs the successful Netmusique Internet Radio

JAMIE KIDD (Box of Kittens, Platform)
Bassist, producer, and dj Jamie Kidd’s skills as a musician inspire him to take the spirit of live music and improvisation into every performance. As one half of Metalogic, releases on Brooklyn’s Hidden Agenda have been charted by John Selway, Tony Rohr & Frankie Bones, with a new 4 track EP set to destroy dance floors this November on London’s Perc Trax.

ILL.GATES (muti music SF)
If you put everything you didn’t know you needed into a computer and asked for the solution it would promptly spit out ill.gates.

MIKE GIBBS (Box of Kittens)
A fixture at underground warehouse parties pushing his dark, glitchy, industrial-layered laptop beats. Hold on to your ladies, the Dirty Robot is in town.

FABIO PALERMO (Box of Kittens)
Plays minimal, progressive, tech-house, and techno with releases on Hi-Bias, Rawthentic Music and Double Frequency. Fabio also spent a few wild years producing radio with DJ Chris Sheppard.

FRIENDLYNESS AND ISAX (superheavy Reggae)
Dub beats and reggae rhythms with live saxophone. These are the guys behind superheavyREGGAE jams at Timeless in Kennsington market.


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