Box of Kittens + Breakandenter = 2 X 4 Year Anniversaries


Box of Kittens + breakandenter = 4 Year Anniversaries by Box Of Kittens on Mixcloud

Saturday December 10, 2011

~ celebrating 2 x 4 year anniversaries together ~

Featuring a throbbing quad config soundsystem with 16 bass bins alongside a stunning visual projection system, all in a bunker-like, soundproof downtown venue. An underground jam, proper!

Half a decade ago, Box of Kittens and breakandenter emerged during a time when events outside the club scene were scarce and uninspired. They built a network of the city’s event producers and began laying the foundation for the next era of underground Techno events, built out of collaboration, coordination, and partnership. Over the past 4 years, they helped usher in a new wave of all-night warehouse and loft parties while reigniting our now vibrant underground dance music scene.

Resident Advisor correspondent, Denise Benson, recently wrote this about Toronto’s nightlife: Against many odds, there is still a reasonably thriving warehouse and late night techno scene in Toronto, largely thanks to a community of promoters including Box of Kittens, milkrun and breakandenter.

“People in Toronto want Toronto to be a cutting edge city and want to have a good time,” claims Erin Berg, one third of the highly active breakandenter crew. “So when you offer them something that pushes political boundaries,” she continues. “or is in any way smart and subversive, they want to get behind that. And what could be more subversive than (hundreds of) people dancing to quality techno music, on a proper soundsystem, at 5 AM in a darkened room in downtown Toronto?”.

So come join us as breakandenter and Box of Kittens, two of the main forces pushing Toronto’s thriving warehouse-scene, team up for their 4 year long celebration of darkened rooms and quality music, on a proper soundsystem, for this very special anniversary event.


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