Box of Kittens & Breakandenter 6 Year with Ben Klock


Saturday December 7, 2013

Ben Klock (OstGut Ton/Klockworks) – DE

Mike Gibbs (Box of Kittens)
Jamie Kidd (Box of Kittens)
Fabio Palermo (Box of Kittens)
Martin Fazekas (breakandenter)

breakandenter and Box of Kittens are turning 6!
To celebrate we are offering you an extremely rare opportunity to hear & see Berghain Resident & OstGut Ton recording artist BEN KLOCK in a NON-CLUB setting – the SPK HALL with two bars, a killer soundsystem, and a amazing people. Let’s celebrate!

BEN KLOCK (OstGut Ton/Klockworks) – DE
Martin Fazekas. Mike Gibbs. Jamie Kidd. Fabio Palermo

SOUND BY ALIENINFLUX (Let there be sound, and lots of it!)
INSTALLATIONS by Artefact – the team behind the great installations at Mansion and Foundry

*Video from the night: