Box of Kittens Loftparty

Saturday June 23, 2012

Box of Kittens Loftparty Berlin featuring

(Mute records, Ladomat, Cereal/Killers, Shitkatapult, Areal, Beachcoma, Kompakt)

Jeremy P. Caulfield
(Dumb-Unit, Vakant, Adjunct, New Kanada, Thoughtless Music)

Jeff Milligan
(Plus 8, Tongut, Thoughtless Music, Cynosure Recordings)

(Netmusique, Poundhouse, Music Research Germany, Silent Records)

Jamie Kidd
(Metalogic, Thoughtless Music, Hidden Agenda, Perc Trax, Roots & Wings)

Mike Gibbs
(Nightshade, Wasabi, Special Recordings)

Katsuhiko  (live)
(You record, Nice and Nasty, Revolver Recordings)

Yes! Known for throwing quality private-member events in fresh spaces, Box of Kittens launches their unique brand of private happenings at FEED SOUNDSPACE in the heart of Neukölln. Expect more of an intimate bumpin’ loft party than any typical club night. The space hosts a worldclass premier soundsystem and will feature an international lineup of seasoned and top techno talent including Pan/Tone, Jeremy P. Caulfield, Jeff Milligan and special guests. Also featuring the well-anticipated reunion of core BOK residents Mike Gibbs from Canada, Jamie Kidd straight from Poland, alongside host and resident DJ Hali. Rounding out the evening is a live PA by Japan’s Katsuhiko. Wicked!


FEED Soundspace
Hobrechtstrasse 65 (first door on the right in the back courtyard / top floor)
12047 Berlin-Neukölln