On A Milkrun

Saturday August 22, 2009

Finally! Box of Kittens is BACK – with brothers-in-beats – MILKRUN, for an EPIC collab throwdown. We are as excited as ever to announce the next Box of Kittens event brought to you alongside Milkrun at 11 Carlaw Ave. This is the only party that both crews are doing this summer, so thisĀ is the one to attend. We hope that reputation speaks on it’s own but, we can say that, both Milkrun and Box of Kittens are known as being the top purveyors of the underground party scene in this city. We have garnered top music commendations in both Eye and Now magazines, and have helped prove that Toronto is a North American leader in the new electronic dance movement. Our residents aren’t merely ‘residents’ but have each made their marks globally. Together, they are known as Box of Kittens.


Box of Kittens on a Milkrun by Box Of Kittens on Mixcloud


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