Sunday Afternoon Social – February 21, 2016

Box of Kittens + Justin of alienInFlux Sound System are happy to invite you to the next installment of the Sunday Afternoon Social.

Box of Kittens – Mike Gibbs, Jamie Kidd, Fabio Palermo
Richard Brooks
Rick Lapante (Ottawa)

A Man Called Warwick (Turning Point)
Greg Gow (90’s hip hop set)
Niko (deep bass music)

To all friends of John Bonyi and to those who appreciate what he represents,
Tomorrow at the Sunday Afternoon Social Jonny’s place at the side of the dj booth and in front of the speakers will be reserved for him.
Feel free to bring any pictures you may have, flowers or anything else you may see fit to honor his memory at this place he found so much joy…


For those who are unaware John Bonyi passed away this week of heart complications. he will be sadly missed as he was a major contribute in the quietest of ways to many of the events we enjoy.