Sunday Afternoon Social – January 10, 2016

Box of Kittens + Justin of alienInFlux Sound System, Boreal Canoe Trip, the founder of Harvest Festival are proud to announce the first Sunday Afternoon Social of 2016 !

We’ve asked some very special guests to join us in helping warm up the first Sunday Social of the winter 2016 months, including our friend
Mark (Shuggie) Oliver digging through his extensive record crates and playing a rare acid jazz, funk and soul set in the North Wing.

PERFORMERS SOUTH WING: (techno / house / disco)
Mark Oliver
Box Of Kittens – Jamie Kidd, Fabio Palermo, Mike Gibbs

Mark (Shuggie) Oliver (Acid jazz, funk & soul)
Medicineman (World Beat)
Ali Black + Pooyan (Soul & disco)


Sunday Afternoon Social returning Jan 10

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Posted by Box of Kittens on Tuesday, December 15, 2015